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Transforming how women navigate fertility, together
We're helping women help each other through unprecedented data insights drawn from hundreds of thousands of cycles around the world.
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Our mission
Improving fertility journeys for all women through the power of data.
Every fertility journey is deeply personal. That makes it especially important to find relevant and accurate answers when you’re navigating your path forward.

Luce brings together diverse data from 1M+ fertility cycles from hundreds of thousands of women to deliver actionable insights tailored for your journey. Instead of feeling like you’re left in the dark, Luce can help you illuminate your next steps.

Our Values

Every fertility journey deserves respect and support.
We don’t use any personal data, ever.
You are unique, but you are not alone.
You have the freedom to decide the path of your fertility journey.
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The biomedical graph improving healthcare
Data can improve fertility journeys for all women. With +200M nodes of data drawn from +1M fertility cycles all over the globe, the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph is the first of its kind in the world—and it’s still growing.
Luce brand positive
Fertility insights backed by data
With support from clinics all over the world, we’ve compiled millions of anonymized, diverse medical data points. Now, we’re channeling that data through our one-of-a-kind biomedical graph to deliver clear, personalized insights from women like you. 
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A team focused on better health for all women
Luce is built on Cercle, a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive better health outcomes for all women.
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