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More knowledge,
more clarity
When you tell us about yourself, we compare your profile to others like you to illuminate personally tailored insights on egg retrieval, IVF, IUI, fertility outcomes and more.

We help you gain the clarity you need to make more informed decisions on your fertility journey.
High quality data means accurate profile matching
The Cercleâ„¢ Biomedical Graph is built with diverse, quality data from clinics and women around the world, so your insights will always be drawn from verified and relevant fertility profiles. We will never use, manage or sell any personal data. When you share your healthcare information with us, it is fully anonymized to guarantee your privacy and security.
Support for all fertility journeys
Your anonymized fertility profile adds more insight for those who face similar questions about their path forward.
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For medical professionals
Luce is a fertility companion that helps patients by sharing personalized insights they can discuss with their doctors. We work with healthcare providers to improve fertility journeys through data.